Gen Z girl, heart-led homebody, and your new favorite brand and web designer.

welcome to kyrs media!

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Kyrs Media is a heart-led brand and web design studio specializing in creating unique, feminine, swoon-worthy designs for service-based women entrepreneurs. Born from my deep love for graphic design and photography, I create brand and web designs that bring your wildest daydreams to life. 

Every brand we get to create is an opportunity to connect with creative, kind-hearted women in business like you. My goal isn’t simply to help you grow your business– it’s also to help you grow your connection with yourself. With a brand that reflects your values and shares your story with the world, you’ll feel confident taking aligned action in business and in life.

by designing dreamy, purposeful brands and websites that resonate with their values and aspirations. 

Driven by a passion for creativity and connection, I promise to craft swoon-worthy designs that don’t just enhance your online presence, but also cultivate a community of soulmate clients. This studio was built on a philosophy of continuous learning and quality-over-quantity, ensuring our work together is a true reflection of your unique story and impactful vision.

Kyrs Media's mission is to empower creative and passionate service-based women entrepreneurs…

Hi friend! I’m Kyrstin (but you already knew that). If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably learned all there is to know about my favorite thing in the world, Kyrs Media, so I suppose I’ll use this as an opportunity to tell you about a few other things I love.

I’m a connoisseur of all things cozy– I love staying home, lighting candles, being wrapped up in a blanket, watching (and re-watching!) my comfort shows, eating soups, lounge sets… I could go on. I’m a major homebody, and there’s no place I’d rather be than my loft (it’s truly my safe space!).

When I’m not cozied up in a blanket, deep in design work, with Noah Kahan playing on full volume, I’m probably spending time with my family or planning my next sweet treat.

I’m always learning and evolving, both as a human and as a designer, and I’m so blessed to work with heart-led business owners doing the same.

meet the founder ~


Some fun facts about Kyrs

Coffee Order:

Brown sugar shaken espresso

(if feeling fancy, vanilla cold foam on top)


23 years young

Comfort Watch:

Gilmore Girls

(basic, I know)

Years Of Experience:

4 years in the graphic design industry

Simple things that speak to my          


01 // Seeing business owners light up after seeing their new branding for the first time

02 // Spending quality time with my favorite people aka my family

03 // Quiet time in the morning drinking coffee while reading my Bible

04 // All things Christmas (I just wish it could be Christmas 24/7, ok?)

05 // Designing dreamy, purposeful brands

06 // Staying in on a Friday night and watching YouTube

As Kyrs Media girls we are:

Always daydreaming and envisioning their next big idea

Proud of their brand story and ready to share it with the world

Obsessed with romanticizing the details

Eager to learn and grow as people and as entrepreneurs

Constantly lifting up other women-led businesses (because there’s room for all of us here!)

As Kyrs Media girls we aren't:

Confused about their brand’s purpose– they’ve done that work and are ready to make an impact

Late to the party. We’re punctual and clear in our communication around here.

Unappreciative of the creative process.

Rushed or thoughtless in their feedback

Rude or disrespectful. Kind and constructive words only, please!

Getting butterflies thinking about working together?

We focus on crafting designs that are not only visually stunning but also deeply resonate with your vision and values. Think of us as your creative partner, turning your entrepreneurial journey into an inspiring visual story.

Kyrs Media is a creative design studio passionate about helping women entrepreneurs bring their business dreams to life through beautiful, unique branding and websites.

Let’s bring your brand vision to life.

"What’s going on inside her head?"

Most of the time, I don’t really know either. When I do, though– I like to blog about it. If you want to read my honest thoughts on entrepreneurship, realistic advice for creating the brand of your dreams, how I curate the coziest workspace vibe, and everything in between, you can find it all on my blog!

FAV playlists

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lounge sets

These are a few of my favorite things

I put together a list of all things cozy + curated– my go-tos in business and in life.

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